Crisis Line Training

The Crisis Line Coordinator holds three volunteer training sessions a year (spring, fall and winter). The training covers a variety of topics including sexual violence through an anti-oppression framework, feminist crisis counselling, recent sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, coping strategies, suicide, role plays, and self care. The training program is approximately 30 hours in length and runs for ten weeks on Thursday evenings.

The ORCC requests that volunteers commit to one year and volunteer on the crisis line for 20 hours a month.

The crisis line training costs $40.00 and is subject to change. Women interested in volunteering on the crisis line are required to call (613) 562-2334 ext.22 to set up a screening interview to determine if both the volunteers’ and the centre’s needs are met.

Public Education Volunteer Training

Trainings are available for your community group or class upon request on topics such as:
Bill 168 and Sexual Harassment
Healthy Relationships and Safe Dating
Consent – what is it? How do I get it?
Working with survivors
Train the Trainer workshops
Crisis Training

In offering presentations on sexual violence in the community and engaging people in discussions, we have noticed that many people seem to have a good understanding of the issues on an intellectual level. For example, many young people will agree that the victim/survivor is never at fault, and most now know that an acquaintance rape is much more prevalent than stranger rape. However, this understanding may not translate into how they can change their attitudes and behaviours on a personal level.

Moreover, many people recognize that communication is the key to preventing date/acquaintance rape, but are never given any opportunities to practice effective communication skills (verbal and non-verbal) or talk to each other about sexual activity, needs, discomfort and rights. Hence, opening-challenging discussions on sexual violence against women and inviting men and women, particularly youth to share their perspectives have had the most impact.

At the same time, we have expertise and knowledge on the subject and we contribute to these discussions by challenging myths on sexual violence against women and sexist stereotypes that exist in society. At the end of each presentation and workshop if we have done nothing else, we at least have started a dialogue and reflection on the issue, and hopefully that would have contributed to change on some level.

The Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre offers a 22-hour training twice a year for women who want to become  public educators. To hear more about our volunteer public education training call Ally at 613-562-2334 ext.32, or email