Survivor Patches Quilt Project

In honor of International Women’s Day and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the ORCC invites you to join us as we launch the Survivor Quilt Project, a community initiative to create a patchwork quilt of wisdom and support messages for survivors of sexual assault. We invite you to create your own Solidarity Patch to share a personal message of encouragement, support, validation, and solidarity with survivors. In May the patches will be sewn together to form a quilt that will serve as a symbol of our community united in the fight against sexual violence. All the details are below.

How do you participate? 

Please support us by creating a patch and tweeting a picture of it to @ORCC8964 with the hashtag #solidaritypatches.

Join and Share our Facebook event at:

Click this link to download a poster to send to others or share in your space! Or download this postcard for social media or printing smaller sizes. 

Create a message using t-shirt fabric with a supportive message then post and share an image of your patch with the hashtag #solidaritypatches so we can have a steady flow of messages building up to, and through, Sexual Assault Awareness Month this May. 

Questions? Feedback? Sponsorship? Email us-

Where to bring your patch once it is finished and photos shared?

Please feel free to mail in a patch if you are outside the Ottawa area or these locations will not work for you.
Mail to the ORCC at:
PO BOX 20206
Ottawa ON, K1N 9P4

Quilt Patch Drop Off Locations

Place address website

Pressed Cafe

750 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa ON

Yoga Town - Stittsville

1300 Stittsville Main Street, Stittsville, ON

Yoga Town - Preston

300 Preston Street, Ottawa, ON


987 Wellington Street West, Ottawa ON

Kanata Honda

2500 Palladium Dr #800, Ottawa, ON

Dow Honda

1 Colonnade Road, Ottawa, ON

We are connecting with more organizations to conveniently drop off patches. Check here for our very-most-recent-list