Until further notice following services have been canceled:

  • In-Person Counselling
  • Group Counselling
  • Drop-In Session
  • Public Education Workshop

Services that will continue include:

  • Crisis Line
  • Over the phone

Most of our staff will be working from home at this time. If you require any assistance do not hesitate to contact us via email. 


Support Programs offered by the ORCC

Would you like to speak with someone right away? Our Crisis Line is 613-562-2333.
To access counselling please call Counselling Coordinator at 613-562-2334 ext.30 or email

Please note that while the voicemail and inbox are being monitored, our responses may be slower than usual.

Here's more info about our programs:

ORCC services focus on - supporting survivors, raising awareness, empowering community, pressing for changes in our systems, and more. We support trans and cis women, trans men, two-spirit, gender-fluid, and non-binary survivors

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The crisis line provides 7 days a week service to survivors of sexual violence, supporters, family and friends of survivors. The crisis line volunteer counsellors provide crisis intervention on issues such as: childhood sexual abuse, recent sexual assault, flashbacks and suicide intervention. In addition, counsellors provide information on community resources and services, and arrange accompaniment to police stations and to the Sexual Assault Partner Care program at the Civic campus of the Ottawa hospital.

Are you interested in becoming a Crisis Line volunteer? Crisis line volunteer counsellors receive 10 week training, support, and supervision to work on the crisis line. Learn more here.

Counselling Program

Survivors may access our individual counselling, crisis counselling and group counselling.  Additionally, the ORCC offers crisis counselling to a survivor’s supports (I.e. partner, parent, friend).

The Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre (ORCC) offers counselling services for survivors 16 years and older who are either recent or childhood survivors of all types of sexual assault. All of the counselling services at the ORCC work from an anti-oppressive, anti-racist, feminist approach. Our counsellors use an assortment of techniques and will work with you to provide an individual collaborative approach. Our individual counselling services are available either short term (up to 12 sessions) or long term (up to 1 year); all of our counselling services are free of charge.


How to Access ORCC Counselling Services

Contact: To access counselling please contact the Counselling Program by phone or email at 613-562-2334 ex: 30 or If leaving your contact information please let us know how we can reach you and if it is possible to leave you a message. Please note that we are currently between counselling coordinators. The inbox and voicemail are being monitored, but our response may be slower than usual.

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Crisis Counselling

At the ORCC we offer crisis one-to-one counselling that is available for survivors in immediate need of support. Crisis Counselling can be up to 3 sessions. Each session lasts for one hour and takes place at ORCC. The goal of crisis counselling focuses on lessening the stress that the sexual assault (whether historical or recent) has on the survivor presently. This means that the counsellor will provide both emotional and practical support and education while working with the client to generate their own coping strategies in order to manage the here and now.

Support Person Counselling

A support person of a survivor may access up-to 3 sessions of counseling. In these sessions the support person will receive guidance on how to best-support the survivor in their life. A support person may include a partner, friend, family member, teacher etc.

Group Counselling

At ORCC we offer various counselling groups that focus on a variety of topics including grief, boundaries, trust, relationships, sex and sexuality, flashbacks etc. The focus of group counselling is to provide a healing, empowering and safe-space for survivors to discuss their experiences, coping mechanisms, and to receive support from counsellors and each other. This means that during the course of the group, participants will have the opportunity to share their stories with other survivors while also discussing issues and topics that interest group members.

Groups are offered either in the afternoon or evening during Fall and Spring. A typical group will span over 12-16 weeks. We require folks to register and to complete a pre-screening interview with the group facilitator prior to the beginning of the group.  Each group generally has 8 to 10 participants.


Public Education

The Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre believes public education is essential to creating a community free of violence. We offer a range of presentations or workshops that can be adapted to suit your needs on request. We welcome public education requests from organisations, community groups, secondary or university classes, or any other audience who might benefit. 

Each session will give an overview of the importance of consent and respect, provide information about contributing positively to change, identify relevant examples for students to consider, dispel myths, and link students to further resources to learn more or seek support. We deliver sessions for groups of all genders, ages, and backgrounds of varying sizes. All of our sessions take a feminist, anti-racist, anti-colonial, and anti-oppressive approach.

Find out more about our public education program by clicking here. If you're interested in becoming a public education volunteer, more information is available here.


Drop-In Art Group - This Program has been suspended

Focused on developing and practicing self-regulation through art activities. All materials, drinks, and snacks are provided.

Note: All artistic works will be able to be taken home by their creators!

Feburary 18th Scrapbooking: This week, participants will be encouraged to construct a scrapbook page based around a theme that resonates with them.

Feburary 25th Slime making: If you have an affinity for touch and all things tactile, this activity will be a great fit for you! This week we will be guiding participants through the process of making their own slimes.

March 3rd Origami: This week, we will be challenge our folding and constructing skills by creating origami art!

March 10th Calming jars: This activity will allow paticipants to make a little jar of happiness and peace that they can use whenever they please!

March 17th Acrylic pour (painting): This activity is a fun twist that will allow you to play with the medium of acrylic paint! Instead of using a paintbrush, this technique involves pouring paint directly onto the page. The result is a wonderful, fluid piece!

March 24th Key chains: This week, participants will be able to make their own key chain! This is a great activity for folxs who enjoy working with their hands.

March 31st Calligraphy: This week, we will be learning how to make text art through calligraphy!

April 7th Guided drawing: This activity is great for folx who are looking to get in touch with their bodies and the felt sense. Participants can choose either crayons or finger painting and use this medium to translate their bodily sensations into artwork.


#YouComeFirst ORCC Virtual Healing Group

As we all adjust to social and physical distancing, that doesn’t mean we’re alone in this new norm. The Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre is pleased to present #YouComeFirst a virtual healing space for survivors looking for support, validation and resources in their healing journey during COIVD-19. This group is for self-identified trans and cis womxn, trans men, two-spirit, gender-fluid, and non-binary survivors. For more information and meeting details please visit in the link in our bio and spread the word. Click the link below to RSVP!