You can advocate for change and advocate for survivors. Silence and cultural tradition keep many people quiet or mis-informed on this issue. Raising our voices can help make a difference.
Here are some ideas about ways you can advocate for change:

Write a letter to your politicians

Local, Provincial, and National government all have different elements of law and policy under their area of responsibility. Demonstrating this issue is important to you can add to our political leaders' sense of importance within their constituency.
This area is under construction *watch for more information about the various areas under each level of government and some sample letters.
Did you send a letter? Send us a copy or cc us by mail or email,

Challenge Cultural Norms

Sexual harassment and sexual assault are treated as inevitable in many community spaces. Our families, places of employment, social circles, media, ..often reinforce damaging narratives that create an environment where sexual assault is considered a ‘normal’ part of our lives. Speaking out to challenge this normalcy in an assertive safe way can make a big difference. Take the opportunity to notice and take corrective action when you notice: myths being treated as fact, pathologizing survivors, victim blaming, judgment/shame of women’s gender roles and sexual availability, purity monitoring and commentary. Through challenging individuals, organizations, and government to recognize and adjust these trends we will see a shift in how ‘normal’ these things seem. Check out our resource library (LINK) to learn more about these cultural contributors so you can recognize and challenge them.
Perhaps if you enjoy articulating these arguments or speaking to women’s rights and freedoms, you may enjoy becoming a public education volunteer.

Arrange Training in your group, organization, or class.
Work with Existing Campaigns

Great campaigns have been developed to engage the community on issues of sexual and gender based violence:
Take Back the Night
Shine the Light
No One Asks For It
Project Unbreakable
Sexual Assault Awareness Month (May)
Have a campaign you think should be listed here? Email with some info.