Candice Shaw Bio Picture

Candice Shaw

Executive Director

What brings Candice to the ORCC:

The pursuit of gender justice and unpacking what it means to be truly intersectional have brought me to the ORCC during this pivotal time in the organization’s history. The ORCC’s roots are based in the feminist values of centering the voices of survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. The ORCC is now poised to innovate and reimagine how to provide accessible trauma-informed supports, especially to those from communities that have been marginalized. This is a time for meaningful change for the ORCC and I am honoured to be part of it.

Madeline McMahon

Manager of Finance and Operations

What brings Madeline to the ORCC:

With a strong passion for social justice, I am drawn to the ORCC’s mission to support survivors of sexual assault and gender-based violence within the community. With an educational background in Psychology, I have a deep appreciation for the importance of reliable and specialized counselling and crisis services to support healing from trauma resulting from violence. I am a strong proponent of accessible community-based mental health services as a foundation for overall well-being.

Abrar Ali Photo

Abrar Ali

Director of Programs and Community Engagement

What brings Abrar to the ORCC:

As someone who strives to be an ally for social justice and reconciliation and is passionate about strength-based approaches to mental health, I am privileged to be working at the ORCC. I am deeply devoted to prioritizing and centering the voices of survivors. Being a part of the ORCC will allow me to play an active role in ensuring that survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in Ottawa have a safe space to access supports when they need it most.

Katie Montague Bio Picture

Katie Montague


I am excited to join the ORCC team and to provide individual counselling, group counselling and psycho-education for folks/survivors in the Ottawa region!

Meghan Sangster Bio Picture

Meghan Sangster


I am committed to providing support that meets peoples needs through collaborative work that centres compassionate, strengths-based approaches to trauma informed care that are grounded in harm reduction practices. I understand that healing from experiences of violence can take many routes and supporting people as they navigate complex health care systems can be an important part of counselling.