*For immediate medical assistance, please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital. If you are in crisis and need immediate emotional support, help is available through our crisis line. Please call 613-562-2333.

ORCC provides secure, trauma-informed, confidential virtual counselling services.

We are committed to providing compassionate, inclusive, and accessible services to survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. Our psychotherapists are experienced in supporting survivors from diverse social, cultural and racial groups, members of the LGBTQ2+ community, and those with disabilities.

We currently have a 6 month waitlist for one-on-one counselling, but we are still accepting new clients. To get started, fill out the form below.

Currently, the ORCC offers counselling services in English only. To ensure survivors receive services in their language of choice, ORCC has partnered with Le Centre d’aide et de lutte contre les agressions à caractère sexuel (CALACS). If you are interested in receiving services in French, please call CALACS at 613-789-8096, extension 25. Leave a message with your name and contact information and a counsellor from CALACS will contact you to set a first meeting and schedule subsequent services. If you would like to receive services in English at the ORCC, continue to fill out this form.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 613-562-2334 x105 and leave a message or email us at counselling@orcc.net.

Support is available. You are not alone.

To get started, fill out the form below:

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