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Sexual Violence Prevention: It Takes a Community

Addressing and preventing sexual violence requires coordinated, community action. As we commemorate Sexual Violence Prevention Month in Ottawa, we underscore the crucial role that collective action plays in fostering safer, more supportive environments for all individuals. Over many decades, extensive work has been done [...]

May 4, 2024|

ORCC: Take Back the Night – Why We March

The power and control that feeds into sexual violence rely heavily on the imposed silence of those targeted. Under historical and current shrouds of darkness, perpetrators seek to obscure the visibility of the current reality in Canada; rates of sexual violence are at epidemic levels [...]

September 22, 2022|

Solutions: ORCC’s Statement on Sexual Assault Prevention Month 2022

Far too often, conversations about sexual assault prevention focus on individual-level behaviours and choices – especially those of survivors. Even in 2022, it is common to see 'tips' suggesting that “walking confidently", limiting alcohol consumption and always being on guard are the best means to [...]

April 27, 2022|

Facing the Facts About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking happens in ways and in places that the average Canadian might not expect. Sometimes, it happens in our very own backyards. On this National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, the Ottawa Rape Crisis Center is asking you to join us as we shed light [...]

February 21, 2022|

ORCC’s Statement on the Trucker Convoy

The ORCC is deeply distressed by the events that have been taking place in our City since January 29. We respect and acknowledge the right to peaceful protest. That is not what is happening in our city right now. As an organization we do not [...]

February 8, 2022|
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